Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said that in 1966 but it sounds like something you’d hear today. Solving for equitable healthcare is more necessary than ever. It is the ultimate challenge of the 21st century. And we know there are underrepresented founders out there building digital health solutions for marginalized communities.

They are who we find. They are who we fund. They are who we support.
Hired by the most prestigious companies

Founder FIRST

Investing in early stage health companies run by underrepresented founders.

Insight and connection

We invest in founders that are inextricably tied to the challenges that exist at the intersection of digital health and structural determinants of health.

seeing the unseen

Investors don’t traditionally grok the issues our founders are solving for. But we’ve been where our founders have been; we’ve been where they are. We listen closely to them to understand how the system needs to change—and we help them make it happen.

Democratizing the delivery of services

There’s unrealized value in flipping the traditional adoption model for health and structural determinants of health. We back founders who know that helping marginalized populations first is both socially responsible and strategically sound.

Outside the club

There are thousands of founders who understand deeply the challenges within their communities—but the traditional capital allocation ecosystem doesn’t see them. We do.


Meet the team behind Unseen Capital.

Kayode Owens

  • Prior Venture: 4.5 Years at humble as Co-founder and Partner
  • Prior Startup: 2x founder
  • Product Management: 5 Years at Israeli startup acquired by Silicon Valley communications co.
  • Finance: Morgan Stanley, Mastercard, JP Morgan
  • Education: AB, Harvard, Double Major Psychology & Sociology, MBA, USC Marshall

Laura Terheyden

  • DEI @ McKesson
  • Talent @ Airbnb
  • Executive coach and talent strategist


  • Research and Venture @ Rock Health
  • Diversity in Venture research @ Chicago Blend
  • Business development @ several startups

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